True Colombia Travel is a unique kind of Colombian travel company. We are here on the ground in Colombia to discover the best experiences and work with you to craft the perfect itinerary based on your likes, personality, and travel preferences. As a local operator in Antioquia and Colombian destination management company (DMC), we specialize in offering fully customized trips and unique experiences throughout Colombia. We create profound plans that give you unique access to exclusive destinations not offered by other companies. Our goal is to create the ideal itinerary for you, and to make sure that Colombia becomes one of the best destinations you’ll ever visit. We pride ourselves on showing the ‘true’ Colombia: the people, history, culture, cuisine, and natural beauty that make this such an incredible place to visit. We believe in taking time to soak in and enjoy each stop on the itinerary, and in seeking out experiences that are not always found in guidebooks. Read more




From the time I was little, my parents instilled in me a thirst for travel. Every weekend was an opportunity to experience and see a new destination, learn from distinct cultures, and interact in a variety of environments. After many years of traveling throughout Colombia, I decided to expand my horizons and travel throughout South America. Through these journeys, I visited many other touristic sights and saw the potential of Colombia as a tourism destination. It’s for this reason that I decided to return home to Colombia to offer an authentic form of tourism that invites visitors to appreciate the beauty of the country in a way that is respectful of the people and the culture.
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Founder and President

Happily living in Colombia for over three years, I have only grown more connected to the stories, people, and history that make Colombia’s different cultures so rich. I believe that personal connections to new places and environments leave long-lasting imprints on the world and I am truly passionate about showing visitors the wonders of Colombia, especially the people, and the cuisine. Colombia has an infectious energy that I love and I am in constant awe of the fact that we are so close to the Caribbean, the Pacific, the Amazons, two deserts, plains, coffee regions, volcanoes, and more! I’ve lived on three continents, served in the Peace Corps, and am now proud to call Medellin my home.
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I traveled to 37 other countries and lived in Ukraine, Thailand, and Nepal before discovering Colombia. I came to Medellin, the city of eternal spring, expecting to stay for a month or two while deciding where to go next, and found the people, the city, and the climate too irresistible to leave. More than three years later, I am thrilled to make Medellin my home and I wake up every day feeling fortunate to live in such a diverse, beautiful country. I am passionate about photography and excited to be part of a new chapter in the history of Colombia, showing travelers the many wonders of this special place. Just be warned, you will be tempted to stay!
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Partner and Director

Growing up in Medellin, I followed my two passions: animals, for which I studied to become a licensed veterinarian and my other love, travel, I cultivated while exploring South America. In 2013, I had an unfortunate accident working with a horse and while recovering I began to work in tourism and developed a strong interest in learning about my own Colombian culture. I started to get involved in coffee tourism and fell in love with coffee culture, production processes, and life on farms. The science is fascinating and the culture is rich and beautiful. I am incredibly excited to show all the passion and hard work that goes into every sip of this wonderful and complex drink.
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Experience Coordinator

I’m an artist, therefore I’m an observer, I’m passionate about knowing places, people and stories. That’s why I enjoy discovering landscapes, creatures, sounds, and flavors, among many others aspects of my own culture. And I really love to share these things with people from all around the world! I feel proud to be part of the True Colombia Travel team, because the uniqueness of our experiences is related to the fact that we know, care, and love our country! And that’s how we truly can take people off the beaten paths. We have the capacity to bring you a true approach to what this place really is and how we, Colombians, live. I’ve had the chance to travel to other countries and I could appreciate the differences and similarities that we as humans can share regardless the place we live in. Living in Medellín nowadays is a privilege, because I have seen the process of transformation that in many ways this city has passed through. Today, different than before, I feel happy to say that I was born in Medellín!
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Logístics and accounting assistant

I am Colombian from the deepest parts of my heart and very proud of it! I was born in the small town of Heliconia surrounded by beautiful views, coffee trees, animals, and unmatchable tranquility. When I turned 15 I moved to Medellín to begin my studies and immediately fell in love with this gorgeous big city. Nowadays I love finding new places, discovering new environments, connecting with nature, and Colombia without a doubt is the best place in the world to do all of this!
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Client Experience Specialist

Since I was a little girl, I was curious about other languages, cultures, religions and different types of living. I grew up between books, handcrafts and stories about other countries and their people. During my whole life I have developed a big interest in art and architecture and how the daily lives and customs of different peoples are a reflection of who they are as individuals. As a psychologist I enjoy being around people and that, gives me the possibility to identify their interests, likes and types of traveling; all of this, to make the experience of our clients unbelievable in this beautiful country. I love seeing the diversity of Colombia, the regions, and the people in each part and I am passionate about showing this diversity to visitors.
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