How Art Helped Save Medellin: Klan Ghetto Popular (KGP) Part I

Medellin is a city that has undergone profound change from the most dangerous in the world to one of the jewels of South America. In an effort to showcase that change in an authentic, exclusive, and phenomenal way, True Colombia Travel has partnered with the youth collective KGP (Klan Ghetto Popular) to form TRUE GRAFFITI, an artistic experience of community change in the north of the city. Below we highlight the lives and profiles of the members of KGP:

TRUE GRAFFITI is a great way to show all of the artistic expressions inside of the communities of Medellin’s northeast region and the big changes they have created in local life. Street art and graffiti are important ways for us to express the feelings, visions and the fight of our neighborhoods. Graffiti many times is shown as an act of resilience against the different threats that have affected the communities. Graffiti and other cultural activities have saved kids from war and violence

Contributing to the change of my community has been an everyday objective for me. My name is Brahian Estiven Peláez a.k.a CHELO. Day by day I make efforts to positively affect the people around me. I was born in Medellin, I am 17 years old and right now I am finishing high school.

I am part of a cultural collective called KGP (Klan Ghetto Popular) with which I have been working for almost 2 years. I love graffiti art and how I can express myself through it. I love to share my art with visitors and all the people in my neighborhood.

When I graduate, I am planning to look for scholarships to study plastic arts or dancing. I also break dance and hope to improve my movements every day. I have only been break dancing for a couple of months, but the art fascinates me.

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