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A Place Travel Experts Love and You Will Too!

Who could resist a “City of Eternal Spring?” We can’t and we don’t think that you should either! Chances are that if you’ve heard about Medellin, Colombia then most of what you’ve heard is old reputation from the 90s — an outdated image of a violent city that is still put forth by shows like Netflix’s popular series, Narcos.

But if you don’t pay attention to reality then you might miss out on one of the best and growing destinations in all of South America. Did you know that in 2016, over 800,000 members of World Travel Rewards (known as the Oscars of travel) named Medellin South America’s Leading City Break Destination. This was after two years of being recognized as the best Corporate Tourist Destination in Latin America. Once you’ve booked your trip to Colombia here there are no surprises about why you should spend part of your vacation by touring Medellin and witness the city’s rebirth.

A City Totally Changed

It’s true, during parts of the 80s, the 90s, and even the early 2000s Medellin was considered one of if not the most dangerous city in the world.

But now it’s one of the jewels of south America, revitalized by a robust transit system and investment in education, libraries, and jobs that has helped transform the face and economy of “La Ciudad de Eterna Primavera” and helped garner an international award for Most Innovative City in the World 2014 by the Wall Street Journal and the Urban Land Institute. It’s now a city ripe for travelers and a tour of Medellin is a highly recommended part of your vacation or trip to Colombia.

Medellin has garnered international attention for it’s hip lifestyle, beautiful views, and exciting nightlife. The New York Times has recognized the city as a chic fashion hub and the Economist has featured stories on the city’s change en route to naming Colombia it’s country of the year in 2016. The city is full of fine dining options, some of the nicest people in the world, and some of it’s more popular neighborhoods like El Poblado host a bevy of nightlife activities including several places to enjoy Colombia’s favorite pastime: dancing salsa!

What is there to do in and around Medellin?
What’s the weather Like? Can I drink the water?

Medellin, sitting in the Valley of Aburá is flanked by the soaring Andes Mountains which create stunning views in almost every direction you turn. The city sits amidst a treasure trove of protected forest that creates natural habitats for animals from sloths to macaws that embark on daily flight through parts of the city. Within a one-hour flight of Medellin you can be on the Caribbean Coast, the Pacific, the Amazons, the world’s best coffee region, the Tattacoa Desert, and more!

But the city itself provides a wide range of activities to fill up one day or a week! A tour of the city will tell the story of Medellin’s historic transformation from 200 years of industrial revolution to violent catastrophe to inspirational re-birth. You can wander the center seeing Fernando Botero’s sculptures, enter fantastic museums, or find artisanal crafts. At night enjoy some of the finest dining in Colombia, or explore the Botanic Gardens, climb up impressive viewpoints, or take the city’s metro cable gondolas to explore the giant Arví Park forest preserve. Come in August and experience the city’s Flower Festival (the Feria de las Flores), a yearly ritual that reminds us about the end of slavery when slaves no longer had to carry their owners up the hills on their backs.

Medellin is around 75 degrees fahrenheit (25 Celsius) year round, and the water is potable so drink up! But keep in mind, May and October/November are the rainy seasons, which can limit certain outdoor activities vacation or trip to Colombia.

Outside of the city you can find even more to keep you busy. 1,000 meters lower in altitude and about an hour and a half to the west you can find the beautiful and well-preserved Spanish pueblo of Santa Fe de Antioquia, the original capitol of the region. A popular area for growing tamarind and mining gold, the pueblo has a fascinating and dark history, and is home to the first suspension bridge in South America.

Two hours to the east of Medellin you’ll encounter the colorful and lively town of Guatape with a distinctly different history tied to the indigenous peoples of the region. Guatape is known for its colorful streets lined with “zocalos,” friezes at the bottom of buildings that historically showed the business inside. The town transformed in the 80s when the local residents pridefully banded together to repave and revitalize their community, which lies next to a gigantic dammed lake whose hydro-electric plant powers 35% of Colombia. The area is highlighted by a giant monolithic rock, which you can scale to the top and take in breathtaking views of the region.

Be a Pioneer. Why You Should Book Now!

Medellin has changed and continues to change at a rapid pace. Tourism to the area grew by almost 40% last year and continues to rise. But the story that number is telling is that tourism is just starting to come in force to Colombia in general and Medellin in particular.

The market is still dominated by backpackers as North Americans and Europeans are beginning to discover the magical realism of Colombia. This is your chance to be in the vanguard of tourism by planning your trip to Colombia and your tour of Medellin now, before the place is truly “discovered.”

Come now and have unrivaled access to the City of Eternal Spring, which offers a first-hand glimpse into extraordinary change and excitement in an exotic and tropical setting.

How We’ll Help You Have a Unique and Incredible Medellin Experience

We don’t want you to just visit places that are highlighted in and around Medellin, we want you to understand what those places are and experience the real and true local culture. This is the real essence of any good trip to Colombia.

The local people, known as “Paisas” are some of the nicest in the world. We’ll take you deep into the local experience whether it be dinner at the home of a Colombian family, an exclusive tour of the finest micro-brewery in Antioquia, or a walk through the painted murals of Comuna 13, we want to make sure you have a vivid picture of Medellin’s past and are part of the change in Medellin’s present and future.

In each place we go on your vacation in Colombia we’ll give you unique information and access to new experiences and memories that you’ll keep for the rest of your life.

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