Colombia a Birders Paradise!

Colombia has more species of birds than any other country on the planet. This is in part due to the large number of different environments, elevations, and climates in the country. With almost 2,000 species, Colombia is home to close to 20% of the world’s species of birds even though it only occupies less than 1% of the world’s landmass.

The high diversity of birds has driven important conservation initiatives in Colombia. Today, the Country has more than 116 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) to protect and conserve and that can be visited, making Colombia a true paradise and a perfect destination for birders.

The Colombian mountains are a vital resource in the preservation of endemic animals and the country’s diverse species of plants, invertebrates, and microorganisms. They form a vibrant landscape that is being preserved by both private and public bodies and being visited only in moderation in order to conserve the heritage of these ranges and maintain their biodiversity.

At True Colombia Travel we work with local birding experts to help you find an array of exotic tropical birds. Given our love for the flora and fauna of Colombia we want to share with you some interesting places for you to explore across the country.

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Here are some other regions of the country that are particularly important for conservation and birding:

The Antioquia Region

This region presents many varied habitats: From premontane to Montane humid forest, plus páramos; the birdwatching options are centered around Medellin and the surrounding municipalities.

As one of Colombia’s most beautiful small towns, Jardin is also one of the best places in the country for birdwatching. On the edge of town is a perfect site to spot the Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, one of the most iconic and brightly colored species in South America. A natural reserve on a stunning road just above the town is also home to a strong population of yellow-eared parrots, which were formerly thought to be extinct; they remain one of the rarest birds in the world.

The Amazon Region: 

This is one of the most important and biodiverse areas in Colombia thanks to its richness in fauna and flora. There are around 900 different species of birds and some of the hotspots for birding are:
– Municipality of Mitú, Department of Vaupés
– Isla de los Micos, Department of Amazonas
– Amacayacu National Park (IBA), Department of Amazonas
– Tanimboca Nature Reserve, Department of Amazonas

The Pacific Region:

This is the only region in Colombia with access to two seas; the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and it is a main migratory corridor for fauna. It has about 650 species of birds. some of the hotspots for birding are:
– BioTopo Nature Reserve, Municipality of Barbacoas, Department of Nariño
– El Morro, Municpality of Tumaco, Department of Nariño
– Uramba Bahía Malaga National Park, Department of Valle del Cauca
– Utria National Park (IBA), Department of Chocó}

The Orinoquia:

This is one of the most unexplored areas of the country and has a great variety of ecosystems. The region has dry and rainy seasons and more than 800 bird species. Some spots for birding in this region are:
– Sierra de la Macarena National Park (IBA), Municipality of La Macarena, Department of Meta
– El Tuparro National Park (IBA), Department of Vichada
– Matarredonda and Rey Zamurro Nature Reserves, Municipality of San Martin, Department of
– Bojonawi Nature Reserve, Municipality of Puerto Carreño, Department of Vichada

The Caribbean:

This region has tropical forest, Andean and Sub-Andean forest, and snow ecosystems. There are about 700 bird species including a number of endemic species registered within this region. Some of the best spots for birding in this region are:
– Tayrona National Park (IBA), Department of Magdalena
– Los Flamencos Flora and Fauna Sanctuary (IBA), Department of La Guajira
– Los Colorados Flora and Fauna Sanctuary (IBA), Departments of Bolivar and Cesar
– Isla Salamanca National Park (IBA), Department of Atlántico
– Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, Department of Magdalena
– Los Besotes Ecopark (IBA), Municipality of Valledupar, Department of Cesar
– Tarcunas Nature Reserve (IBA), Municipality of Acandí, Chocó
– Cuchilla San Lorenzo (IBA), buffer zone of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Park, Department of Magdalena

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