Colombia is immensely diverse boasting a wide range of environments, cultures, cuisines, and histories. Whether you are looking for mountains or beaches, cities or countryside, desert or rainforest, Colombia has it. We craft personalized itineraries based on your specific interests, travel experience, and expectations. We are Colombian-American team, based in Medellín, and we absolutely love Colombia and are passionate about sharing that with our guests. Contact us now to speak with one of our experts and plan your unique and perfect Colombian vacation. Read more

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coffee tour in Colombia

True Aroma is the definitive Colombia coffee experience with exclusive access to some of the country’s most important Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified farms. Experience the production process from seed to cup in awe-inspiring and verdant environments. The journey begins in the place where coffee was first cultivated in Colombia, and explores the breathtaking Andes mountains via historic and idyllic villages. Chat with growers and collectors, and join a master coffee roaster in conversation about coffee notes and smells. Glimpse into the future of coffee in one of Colombia’s most cutting-edge coffee-producing farms and dive hands, nosem and cup into again processes that produce incredible aromas like tamarind and mandarin orange. Understand what it means to be organic in one of the country’s only certified organic farms, teeming with forest-grown coffee and exotic fruits and animals. Hand-picked and hand-selected, this unique experience will take you deep into what goes into every cup. Read more

Experience the iconic Colombian Andes Mountains with a trip to three of the most culturally rich, distinct, and beautiful destinations inside Colombia’s “tres cordilleras” Andes mountain ranges. Begin your trip to Colombia in the capital, Bogotá, one of the 30 largest cities in the world. Experience the cultural, culinary, and political hub of the country before escaping the hustle and bustle of the city for Colombia’s charming coffee region. Relax in the idyllic and charming pueblo of Salento. Explore working coffee farms, and hike through cloud forests and wax palms in the Valle de Cocora before heading to Manizales, one of the region’s historic capitals. Finish your trip in the City of Eternal Spring, Medellin. The capital of the country’s “paisa” culture, Medellin boasts beautiful views at every turn, a fascinating history, delightful nearby pueblos, and nearly perfect weather. Read more

tour adventure in Colombia

An excellent mix of culture and adventure, see three diverse regions of the country beginning with the City of Eternal Spring, Medellin, nestled in the Andes Mountains in the Department of Antioquia. Known for its excellent climate and friendly people, you’ll explore the incredible biodiversity of Antioquia and take in incredible views while paragliding, canyoning, and mountain biking through elevation changes of more than a 1000 meters. Afterwards head to the mystical Amazon river valley to see a host of animal life including pink river dolphins, parrots, and monkeys. You can even fish for piranhas. You’ll meet a local indigenous tribe and learn about their history and way of life before heading north to the Caribbean. In Santa Marta you’ll explore the second oldest city in South America and the death place of Simón Bolivar, the great liberator of Colombia. Take a day (or evening) to scuba dive or head to the beautiful village of Minca to take a horseback ride through the lush and impressive Parque Tayrona, where you’ll emerge from the forest onto the shores of scenic beaches. Relax and have an opportunity to see members of the Kogi, Wiwa, Arhuacos, or Kankuamo tribes, whose historical lifestyles are well-preserved inside Tayrona. Read more

traditional tour Colombia

True Tradition delivers a great sense of the cultural heart of Colombia in a unique and memorable itinerary. Begin in Medellin where you’ll see and understand the great change the city undertook from “most dangerous in the world” to World Travel Reward’s 2016 “South America’s Leading City Break Destination” and one of the safer big cities on the continent. You’ll get a great sense for the “paisa” culture and cuisine before heading to the scenic coffee region where you’ll take an intimate look at the coffee growing and production process and boom that followed the country’s industrial revolution in an especially verdant environment. Finish your trip in Cartagena’s walled city, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and learn about the 500 year history of this old Spanish port. Take a day to relax in the blue waters and white sand beaches on one of the tiny islands of the Islas del Rosario. Read more

history tour Colombia

Begin in a city that played a key role in the efforts of Simon Bolivar, the Great Liberator, to liberate New Granada and learn about the roots of Spanish colonialism in the port of Cartagena. Move on to the political head of Colombia and the influence that the capital city of Bogotá has played on the history and development of country from indigenous times through colonization to the present. Afterwards, take a trip to the beautifully preserved and historically important (both politically and religiously) city of Popayán before finishing by learning about the Colombian industrial revolution and the unbelievable modern transformation of Medellin. For travelers to Colombia interested in learning more about Simon Bolivar, this package can add the cities of Mompox, the start of Bolivar’s first military campaign, and Santa Marta, where he eventually passed away. Read more

birding in Colombia

Colombia has more species of birds than any other country on the planet. This is in part due to the large number of different environments, elevations, and climates in the country. We work with local birding experts to help you find an array of exotic tropical birds. These trips are bespoke based on specific interests and time. Please write or call to help plan an itinerary.

tour in Colombia

Colombia is one of the most biodiverse and culturally rich places on earth. We invite those with enough time to come experience the tremendous range of environments, cultures, and flavors all inside one country. You’ll see different indigenous peoples across the country, a variety of ecosystems, varying levels of development, and the most important cities that drive Colombia’s economy. A true delight, this trip puts you in touch with the true Colombia via unique and exclusive activities in each location. Dine with local families, discover exclusive fincas (country homes), meet undiscovered artisans, come in contact with exotic wildlife, and talk to local change-makers. From the coasts of the Caribbean and the Pacific to the Amazon, from the Andes to the plains, and from the cities to the pueblos, you’ll take in the most important sites in Colombia through a breathtaking and stunning trip that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Read more


Medellín primavera


Embark an exploration of Medellin and its history from the industrial revolution to the present. Learn about how the city transformed into the most innovative city in the world as you walk among world-famous sculptures by Fernando Botero and pass through historic plazas. Dive into Medellin’s violent past and understand its bright future as you head through the city’s center and next to see street art murals in what was one of Medellin’s once downtrodden barrios but that is now a shining example of hope. Internalize the change of the city and put the recent peace process in context. Read more

Occidente antioqueño


Welcome to the original capital of Antioquia! Santa Fe is small, quaint, and beautifully preserved 500-year-old Spanish village. It’s full of rich and often dark history from its early days. Miander the cobblestone roads of this pueblo to learn about the early gold and slave trade of Colombia and quench your thirst with a freshly made sweet tamarind juice or an ice cold juice. Then walk across South America’s very first suspension bridge “El Puente del Occidente.” Read more

Guatape Antioquia


A truly different way to experience on of Antioquia’s most popular destinations! In the morning, head to a local coffee farm for a private tour to learn about the coffee cultivation and production processes. Lunch on a fresh, typical, Colombian dish inside the farm’s mansion before you head to the beautiful pueblo of Guatape. In Guatapé explore the town’s beautiful streets and alleys and learn about the re-construction of the pueblo and its abutting lake system. Finally, climb to the top of “La Piedra,” a 70 million-year- old 200-meter rock and enjoy a refreshment while looking over the entire surrounding lake system. Read more

Graffiti Medellin

An experience completely experiential and immersed in the culture of graffiti and community change. Exclusive to True Colombia Travel, True Graffiti takes you through the rarely visited and extraordinary Comunas 1 and 3 located in the northeast of Medellin. The experience is created and lead by street artists from the neighborhoods. Visit the workshops of the University Bellas Artes to discover how academics and art are mixing in the streets. Then move on to Moravia where you’ll see art created for the last local graffiti festival and visit the sectors of Santo Domingo and Popular 1 where you’ll enjoy a traditional lunch with a local family inside of their house. After lunch a local youth collective will explain the significance of the areas murals, discuss the change and development of the sector, and how both the neighborhood and art evolved together. Finish off with a short lesson on stenciling and a private break-dancing and hip-hop show. Read more

Brew coffee


Colombia is famous for coffee, it’s most popular export, and with good reason, we produce some of the world’s best coffee. However, finding a quality cup of this coffee can be difficult! True Brew comes right to your hotel to make sure you have the finest cup of coffee in the city. Select coffee from three of the finest farms in the country. Then we’ll teach about the coffee, its cultivation and preparation as you receive three cups of distinctly prepared coffe. Start your day with distinct and complex flavors! Read more