Introducing Cannúa

Cannua hotel in Colombia

It is with great delight that we introduce you to Cannúa, our very own sister-brand and the first hotel of its kind in Colombia!

This past weekend, November 29 to December 1, this peaceful retreat set in a beautiful mountain forest opened its doors and kicked off the start of a new and more sustainable era for Colombia travel.


Located in the mountainous region of Colombia, the retreat is just a 20-minute drive from the small town of Marinilla and 45 minutes from José María Córdova International Airport. Cannúa’s creation was inspired by the spirit of Colombia’s rejuvenation. That same spirit drives our trips every day. It’s all about sharing the country’s sense of renewal and possibility with people all over the world.

Thanks to the dedication of a young and inspiring team of Colombian designers, engineers, experts, architects, and hospitality staff, Colombia’s first holistically sustainable retreat has been fully realized and is now ready to welcome guests among the fincas of the Andes mountains.

We’ve been incredibly inspired by the growing community of people who understand and appreciate the importance of sustainable travel, community building, and the potential travel has to be transformative for everyone involved as we’ve all worked so hard to make this dream a reality. It is with tremendous excitement that we now welcome our first guests. We’re certain they’ll come away from their stay at Cannúa as enthusiastic ambassadors for our vision.

Book Your Stay

Of course, you’ll be able to include a Cannúa visit or stay on your next True Colombia Travel trip. We recommend making your way up into the mountains as you explore the Antioquia region of Colombia, experiencing Guatapé and climbing La Piedra. You should also take advantage of Cannúa’s spa to help you relax and rejuvenate with its essential selection of services.

Much like the Antioquian fincas that surround the property, Cannúa provides guests with a place to escape and decompress, as well as welcome family and friends. It’s also a great place to enjoy food and drink. The hotel’s inventive, all organic menu combines contemporary international dining, authentic Colombian flavors, and an astounding variety of local season fruits and vegetables.

It’s also the perfect place to simply reflect among the gardens and forest.

Rooms & Cabañas

You can choose from Cannúa’s standard rooms with a queen bed, incredible view and small garden; the deluxe rooms, boasting vaulted ceilings, private balconies and walk-in closets; the Cabañas, offering panoramic views of the Valle de San Nicolas and ample space to enjoy your relaxing getaway; or the Cabaña Delux, with two-story windows, twice the space of the deluxe rooms, a social area, and a variety of bed options that make it perfect for a family holiday.

Whether you want to make Cannúa the compelling kick-off, engrossing centerpiece, or the relaxing finale for your next trip to Colombia, we are ready to work with you to craft the perfect Cannúa-complementary True Colombia Travel itinerary for you today.

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