True Colombia Travel Featured in Forbes

Looking for the truth on Colombian coffee? Look no further than True Colombia Travel! This according to Forbes, who spoke to our own Director of Experiences, Ana María Piedrahita, for their recently published piece titled 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Coffee.

Highlighting our True Aroma tour for its all-encompassing approach to coffee and coffee cultivation, Forbes’ Megy Karydes noted that as coffee becomes more complex “more drinkers are demanding more transparency about their morning (and afternoon) drink of choice.”

So, Ana helped walk Forbes’ readers through five truths most of our guests don’t know about coffee before visiting Colombia.  The piece is a great primer for anyone curious about coffee’s intricacies, mysteries, history, myths and truths. For instance, did you know that Colombian coffee farmers often drink the worst brews of coffee? You can click to the Forbes piece to find out why that is and then get to the real heart of the matter when you visit Colombia.

Ana will take you on the True Aroma tour for – as Forbes calls it – an “exclusive bean-to-cup experience,” spotlighting some of Colombia’s most important Rainforest Alliance certified coffee fincas found in the slopes and villages along Antioquia’s Andes. We’ll also connect you with the growers and roasters who have dedicated their lives to crafting the very best brews. You’ll gain an appreciation for their artful approach, while staying in private villas at the edge of the fincas, visiting the volcanic cliffs of Antioquia and tasting the subtle flavors of mandarin, tamarind and chocolate that otherwise might go unnoticed in your day-to-day caffeine fix.

Creating trips like True Aroma is why TCT was first created and why we were so thrilled to be featured in Forbes. We want the world to be able to experience the real Colombia. We want you to understand how coffee has shaped our country and how it impacts Colombians, as well as coffee drinkers across the planet.  We want you to enjoy incredible coffees in our local cafés and come away from True Aroma with a new appreciation for the drink and for Colombia. It’s the same approach we take with our True Tradition, True History and True Colombia trips, to name a few. No matter the trip theme, we’re always getting at the heart and soul of the experience. You can browse our entire experience collection here, or simply send us a note today and we’ll get to work on a fully-customized cultural, culinary or environmental tour throughout the rural and urban regions of Colombia.

But don’t take our word for it, watch the video below to hear from past True Aroma guests on their experience with TCT!

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