Why is Colombia Trending?

Graffiti Medellin

Madonna isn’t the only one singing about Medellín these days – and it’s not just Medellín, it seems all of Colombia is suddenly the next destination de la moda!

Everywhere you look there are more stories on the rise of Colombia trips. Forbes named Colombia as one of their ‘four places overseas to buy a second home.’ Hotel occupancy is hitting record rates. Bird tourism is taking off. The Telegraph celebrated Colombia travel. Conde Nast Traveler declared Colombia your next travel destination. The world is taking note of what’s going on here.

Colombia began to garner increasing international attention as a transforming and transformative destination when Medellín was first named the world’s most innovative city in 2013. Prior to that, sadly, most of the attention our country received was of the negative variety. However, Medellín’s radical transformation from infamous Narco stronghold to one of Latin America’s most exciting, progressive, and safest cities has been representative of the evolution we’ve experienced all across our country.

While places like the ocean-side city of Cartagena have been popular tourist destinations for years, it’s only now that eager travelers have started to explore the rest of the country. They’re motivated by a need to go beyond the hot spots and dig much deeper into what makes Colombia so compelling. They want to experience the cultural diversity, the biodiversity, the music and the literary history.

And those are the kind of travelers that we’re looking for. We’re excited to welcome people that want to better understand just what’s going on here in Colombia. People who want to talk to the folks in the street and at the market, or on the farms or in the restaurants, all person-to-person to make a real connection with true Colombians, arguably the happiest people on Earth.

We can guarantee you that you’ll be given every opportunity to engage with locals because we are locals ourselves. If you’ve got questions about what it’s like to live day-to-day life in Colombia, we’ll answer all of them. If you want to see the things that matter in Colombia, we know where they are and we know why they’re so important to us.

It’s not just about coffee, it’s about the people who live in the fincas and work as growers and roasters every day. It’s not just about getting that incredible shot of the brilliant graffiti across Medellín, it’s about meeting the street artists and academics behind the art.

Why is Colombia trending? Some might say it’s because the world is just beginning to realize that ours is one of the most compelling countries on Earth, with millions of unheard stories just waiting to be told (oh, and it also happens to be one of the most biodiverse destinations on the planet).

But we think that’s far too simple of an answer. We think that if you truly want to understand why Colombia is trending, you need to come experience it for yourself. We’ll be happy to show you around.


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