Why True Colombia Travel?

Chiva Corcorna

You’re probably asking yourself “why?”

Great question.

Why visit Colombia? Why explore Medellin? Why visit now? Why choose True Colombia Travel?

“Why” is a question we ask ourselves all the time at TCT. Truthfully, asking why is at the heart of everything we do.

Colombia has undergone huge transformations in recent years and is still changing. Understanding where we’ve come from and where we are going is central to our approach to how we host you, your family, and your friends as you explore our country.

We’re not going to show you the best places to visit in Colombia. In fact, we’re not going to just show you anything. If you just want to do some sightseeing, then there are a number of other Colombia travel companies we’ll gladly introduce you to.

Instead, we want to be able to have you understand why these incredible places exist as you experience them. We want you to return home after your time here with us a changed person with a better understanding of who Colombians are, how we got to now, what we’re passionate about, what we believe in, what we love, what our dreams for the future of our beautiful country look like, and how visitors like you are so important to our future.

We want you to truly be able to understand why Colombians are the way we are, how our history played out, to understand our unbelievable transformation, and why we believe the things we believe, love the things we love, and just why– at this point in our country’s extraordinary history – we believe so strongly in our dreams for the future of our beautiful country.

We are able to do that because of our team. You’ll get to know us pretty well when you visit Colombia, but in the mean time we think it’s important for you to know that we are locally-led, finely-tuned, and deeply ingrained group. We’re a part of the communities you explore. Many of the places we’ll lead you to have never welcomed travelers before TCT came along. They’ve opened their doors to us – and you – because they know us and trust us. We are their neighbors and friends.

We’re a tight-knit community and we know we’re all in this together. We know Colombia is about to become one of the planet’s most popular tourism destinations and we’ve been working together to ensure we are more than ready for you when you get here. That’s why our team is so focused on listening intently to you to ensure we craft the perfect itinerary for you based on your likes, personality, and travel preferences.

The only question for you now is: Why wait?

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